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Deliver Flowers, Cake, Cards and more to people in your neighborhood. Plus enjoy many more ways to earn extra revenue when you are not doing that or instead of that if driving and delivering isn't you think but helping romance grow is !

Earn Per Delivery Payments and Commissions. Work at your own schedule. Potential to earn more then the average Uber driver.

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How it works

Romantic people across the globe want
to deliver flowers to someone in your neighborhood

They'll hire you on and include any addons and prepay your delivery.

You'll go to your local supermarket and purchase these items and prepare them for delivery. you can offer add-ons like seranading the receipient, photo or video of recipient receiving gift etc.and earn even more money. We'll give you the model posting you need to get you gig started.

People are waiting to delivery flowers and gifts year round but imagine how much you could make just during valentine's Day Florists charge way to much and increasingly deliver flowers in plane brown boxes. offers consumers the opportunity for a novel and price competitive way to surprise loved ones

They'll hire you on and include any addons and prepay your delivery.

"Make money while helping people fall in love! Are you kidding me?
What could be more rewarding work then that?"
Hurry! Preferential listing is Cupid jobs is limited.

We are not posting individual gigs on the site until our upcoming launch.
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